THE Story


~Empowering you to be your raw, real, authentic self in the most optimal way possible. Stand in your full potential to serve the way you were meant for. ~RAwMama

I believe we all need to be a whole heck of a lot more Raw in our lives. Not just with what we eat and drink, but Raw and Real in our every day lives. First, it's time to let go of the comparisons we feel of those around us and come into our OWN greatness!

I believe that WE are the unique gift to this world. Not our individual parts, but WE, OURSELVES are the gift. When we cannot offer this greatness, I believe the world suffers. I want to help inspire you into that greatness, make you realize your infinite potential, see you shine, watch you soar, and be impacted by the infinite you that you were always meant to be.

Just so we're clear, This is not about becoming a Raw foodie. If you come here in a dis-eased state then I do believe you and I need to chat ~ more on that here. But, if you feel like there HAS to simply be more: more energy, more peace, more focus, more ABUNDANCE... you've come to the right place!

I believe the whole you matters. You have something inside of you that is bigger than what you see in that mirror every day. What you have within you is so powerful that I believe NOTHING can stop you. I can't WAIT to meet you! And I can't WAIT for you to join my team of almost 60,000 amazing woman and men! Many of whom I've had the privilege to personally watch soar to heights they've never thought possible. Are you ready? 'Cause it's about to get more Raw and Real in your life!


RawMama is a mom of 3 amazing kiddos and a wife of one of thee most amazing and gentle RawDads on the planet! Meet him, you'll know what she means. RawMama is a Holistic Health Coach and Registered Holistic Nutritionist student with the Canadian Natural School of Nutrition. She has graduated with a degree in Psychology and a Certificate in Family Life Studies, attending both the University of Toronto and Laurentian University. 

RawMama has worked successfully with women (and men) and children using many different modalities including, but not limited to, biochemical balancing, proper nutrition, essential oils, exercise that is fun for the individual, and teaching how to develop their BEST selves they can encounter. She has been a motivating support for thousands of people across the globe in various life and health experiences.


As you hear her story, one of the most powerful nutritional tools she uses for giving the body what it needs to heal itself is RAW food.

RawMama believes that when you clean up the gut, you clean up the imbalances in your heart, mind, and soul. She believes that the gut is the one of the main keys to living out your optimal self.

Being more RAW and REAL with who we are and what we want, using other modalities like meditation/prayer, childhood lessons, Tested and trusted essential oils, and biochemical balancing will free up the space we need to get to where and who you and your kids were meant to be.


Her young children had no idea what was coming to them. With time, patience, and a conviction that couldn't be shaken, all three of her children began an almost 100% Raw Food Diet and Lifestyle. This was due to desparation when her second-born son had a life debilitating diseases.

With one of her children having had Sensory Integration Disorder, who would RUN from the room if he saw anything green on his plate, RawMama spent hours upon hours, days upon days, and what eventually turned into years infusing a RAW lifestyle into her children. From there, RawMama, was born.

Today, her children are vibrant, healthy, and soul-full.

Although a 100% Raw Diet is no longer necessary for this mom of three, she still believes in the importance of more Raw food in your life. She also knows it’s not just about food. Your mind shift is SO important and she has counselled thousands of women and men across the globe to become more of who they want to be. She knows how to help you and your family if you want to press that powerful reset button.

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THE FULL STORY - If you’re craving more. ;)

At one time, RawMama was not into anything natural and thought it was all a bunch of "new age nonsense" with practitioners who only wanted to "take your money". Gradually though, she began changing her lifestyle. She thought she was doing right compared to her North American counterparts before having children; no animal fats or skin, rarely any white sugar intake, not a "lot" of processed foods, making foods "mostly" from scratch, etc. She thought she was pretty healthy and was deemed as such by her friends and family. Yet, what she didn't realize, was that being anywhere NEAR our Standard American Diet can create some pretty scary and often devastating diseases. She wondered, afterall, why our food looks very little like it did even a hundred years ago, or why the taste of a carrot from her back yard tasted nothing like it did from the local grocers.

When Dawna first found out her first son had a diagnosis of Autism and then her second son with an autoimmune disease, panic set in.


Dawna knew something wasn't quite right with him with issues of ear infections, gut pain, unintelligable speech, drooling, flapping when anxious, little face to face - social abilities, and various other symptoms in the beginning years, yet she didn't realize just how much so and hoped he would just "grow out of it."

With nowhere to seemingly turn but the giant, western, medical community, who offers little long term hope for change for these children but through medication, therapy for 40 hours a week, and various other therapies, RawMama tried to reason with the fact that the behaviors she was now seeing was to be his fate.

Not willing to accept this as the only answer, she quickly discovered what thousands of families were discovering: Proper nutrition, biochemical balancing, and relevant elimination diets were essential and can facilitate the healing of many of our children's autistic symptoms, sometimes removing labels altogether. 

Today, RawMama is excited to tell the world that her son no longer struggles with autism!! She has found a better way!


With her second son, she knew he struggled with issues of mild asthma, eczema, bloated belly, etc, yet she was told by the medical community that it was "normal" and "nothing to worry about." That he would "grow out of it". They offered creams and puffers in attempts to silence what his little body was screaming to communicate: that these symptoms represent an environmental-induced, proinflammatory state and something she can actually help change. When his body just couldn't take it anymore, he became ill with the autoimmune disease known as Henoch Schonlein Purpura (HSP). As he succumbed to this autoimmune disease, even more doctors explained to her that lifelong medication, with serious side effects (even death), would be his fate, she thanked them for their time and turned the other direction. RawMama already knew where to turn.

Today, with the help of Dr. Brian Clement (PhD in Nutritional Science), the Hippocrates Lifestyle, and top quality Essential Oils (not typically found at your local health food store), her son no longer struggles with HSP. In fact, both her sons are healthier today than ever before!! With the Hippocrates Lifestyle, she recognizes how much deeper we can go in our own body healing itself when we are in a diseased state. This Lifestyle has even taken her once autistic son, so much deeper in his own body healing itself than everything else she had tried so far.

What RawMama has learned through the years has changed her and her family's world forever. She now realizes that this journey has prepared her for this moment.

Knowing the mistakes and the successes of nutrition has armed RawMama with the "what-to-do" and the "what-NOT-to-do". She has struggled through all that guilt in between and now realizes it is not the fault of parents. We are all victims of our culture. But there is something we can do to make huge changes in our health. She longs to journey with those who seek a comforting yet diligent guide to take them, step-by-step, onto a healthier path. 

Western Medical doctrines teach us that we and our children will suffer with the diagnosis of autoimmune disease, neurological disorders and countless other western diseases for the rest of their lives. Dawna didn't believe it for her children and she doesn't believe it for yours.

There are some amazing therapies that the Western Medical model offers our children, but using natural therapies as a complementary therapy is a powerful tool in your toolbox that you can now use with the help of RawMama. 

RawMama's hope is that others will not have to watch those they love suffering with the worst of their diseases like she has. Let her help equip you with the knowledge, which thousands of other families have come to know: These diagnoses do not have to be the final say for your future.