Did you know that 100% of Canadians are deficient in this VITAL nutrient at some point in the year? What do you want to bet that this point in the year happens 7 months out of the year. Many doctors believe that unless they can name it, there's nothing wrong with you. What this means is that until something like Vitamin D comes along and actually beCOMES a disease, you're fine and you will be sent on your merry way. 

But, this has to change.

Vitamin D is now known to be useful for all SORTS of health benefits:

Don't buy into the lie that dairy is a good source of Vitamin D. In fact, naturally, they may have only TRACE amounts, which depend on proper sunlight as well as proper nutrition from eating grass - which we all know how well THAT'S happening in the Beef industry. But even IF the trace amounts were to pass through the pasteurization process, which is unlikely and why they need to ADD synthetic Vitamin D to the milk, it would still not NEARLY be enough for you or your child's growing body.

So how DO we get enough Vitamin D without the use of synthetic-added Vitamin D?
Here are 3 basic ways:

1. Simply get out in the sun - Raw and naked is best. ;)
How much vitamin D is produced from sunlight depends on the time of day, where you live in the world, and the color of your skin. When you do go out in the sun, especially in the hotter areas, early morning before 9am and later in the evening after 8pm is best. Also don't forget to take off those sunglasses during that time! Let that sun help those eyes! Seeing the natural light of the sun helps the brain work better. Maybe don't stare at the sun - although I do know a few sungazers, but allow the eyes to be exposed to natural outdoor light. 



2. Become a "Snow Bird".
Many of our retired folk from the North do this nowadays. We ALL used to be nomads, which means we would travel for the different seasons. Now we stay in Canada and live indoors all winter long and when we DO go outside, we're so covered up we're not receiving nearly enough Vitamin D for our needs each day. If you ARE a snow bird, be careful that you are not in the shade all day. Those who are not used the heat may also not be getting enough sun. Be sure to visit the warm glow of the sun early in the day and later in the evening.






3. Vitamin D Supplement.
As a LAST and secondary resort, many up in our darker country will need to take a Vitamin D supplement. Here in Canada, there is not enough of an option during the winter so we absolutely need to supplement with Vitamin D3. This supplementation should be in the form of D3. If you want a RAW source, specific types of mushrooms capture the Vitamin D from the sun. But again, listen to the word here: "secondary". It is so important to know that this should not be the ONLY source for your body. I have seen too many people with Seasonal Affective Disorder not to pay very close attention to this. You will not be receiving that full spectrum Vitamin D if you use this as your only source. When it IS sunny outside, get some natural fibers of clothing on and get out in that sun (speaking to myself here as I am not a lover of that cold up in our colder country)!!!


I also want you to take this more than once in the day. Although it is fat soluble, because this is not the most natural form of Vitamin D, I always suggest you take your multinutrients altogether and throughout the day. You wouldn't eat one meal in the day and think THAT was good enough, would you? Our body works as a matrix. We need ALL of the nutrients every single day! Some may remain in our bodies but the bottom line is that Fat and Water soluble vitamins, along with minerals and even probiotics, work together! Your body cannot use some without the others. Vitamin D works with calcium and calcium needs magnesium and vitamin B12 needs vitamin B6 and on and on it goes until we discover, that simply taking ONE lonely vitamin may not be the answer to your problem.

I use a multinutrient from a company I know and trust called the LifeLong Vitality Pack. I used to be anti-multi's until I went to school for Nutrition and realized you simply need them. ALL of us, no matter who we are, need multivitamins for various reasons. More on this in another blog to come. ;) It is additionally important to make sure you know that what you're taking on an everyday basis has been tested for synthetic fillers, chemicals, heavy metals, and even microbes. If it hasn't, you might want to find another supplement.

How much Vitamin D you take each day depends on how much sun you get. For those in the Sun Belt like the following video asserts, you may not need ANY supplementation. For those up in the North, well, you'll need more than most. Higher doses of Vitamin D is always up for a good debate. I suggest you do your own research on this topic and depending on which disease you have, you might want to look into some of the studies on the topic.

Watch this video by a foremost leading expert in Nutritional Science and get serious about your vitamin D intake today!


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