"Msit No'kmaq" All things around us... (are connected).


My Native Heritage. A proud, strong culture! 

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My hope for you is that you discover how beautiful this amazing culture is. That you come to understand the brokenness, which they have endured, and how proud and strong they are despite it all. We can never give back what we've stolen. Only they can do that. But what we can do is stand in the gap while they rediscover the strength and beauty that is found within.

Won't you stay, watch my video, and please read more. Thank you for being here. <3

Watch this video from Dawna Toews:

My Native Roots - The Coles Notes. ;)

My 4th great grandfather was 100% Mi’kmaq. He married my 4th great grandmother, who sailed over from France. I don’t know why I have always been drawn to this part of my heritage. Probably because of meeting one of the most beautiful families I’ve ever met growing up (RIP). You can hear more about him and his family on the video above. 

My second encounter with my Native Roots was in a Cree Reserve in Northern Quebec. What I saw there was the first moment I knew something was embedded in my heart, never to leave again. 

After my third child was born, I wanted more. In fact, I wanted TEN!!! After a quick miscarriage only 10 weeks in, my husband and I made the decision to either try again, or adopt a little girl. Of course, she had to be native. <3 See video for more about my adoption story. 

After all was said and done. I didn’t know what would become of her. But what I did know was that I was not finished. I was not finished my story. 

Not long afterwards, I teamed up with a company called doTERRA. This company had everything I was looking for since I was a little girl. I could serve people in their health, empower women in their story, help bring back the intuition I believe had been stolen from us, and do it at an exponential level!

At the same time, doTERRA gave me permission to dream again. 

Today, I dream of a community of people, proud of their culture, strong in their roots, with a future that is hopeful and full of love, stability, and who would teach us to listen back to the ways we’ve lost in our culture. I believe many of us have lost our way... and I believe they will be some of the people who will teach us the way forward. 


Our Canadian Government single-handedly attempted to destroy the future of an entire culture, equaling over 100,000 children, throughout the course of a century.

Read this heartbreaking account of what went wrong in the first place:

Listen to this heartbreaking story of Lorna Rope. A victim from one of the Residential Schools to get a glimpse into one of these many schools.

The Hard Truth:

  • In the 19th Century, the government of Canada felt that native people would not be able to assimilate into society well. Because of this ignorant thinking, they partnered with the Catholic and United Churches of Canada to devise a plan. 
  • Knowing that it would be easier to assimilate native children rather than adults, they forced native parents to send their children to these schools for years at a time without being able to visit. 
  • Within these schools, many children were called savages, told they would never amount to anything in society, and were stripped of their heritage, their culture, and their language. Any child heard to speak their native tongue were severely punished. Over the course of these children’s lives, there was physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse, and neglect. 
  • The last school closed only recently, in 1995.
  • The way the government tried to rectify it was offering money to those who attended these schools. $10,000 for the first year they attended the school, and 3,000 every year after the first year they were there. 
  • Those who have been “seriously” abused were free to initiate a plea for more. 
  • Native families have been segregated to various lands in Canada, which they are not able to own. Houses are in devastated situations and some need to leave their homes due to issues such as mold. Respiratory health issues are at an alarming rate in some of these reserves.
  • As of September 30, 2016, there were 138 Drinking Water Advisories in effect in 93 First Nations communities across Canada, excluding British Columbia. Some have had to boil water or resort to outside sources of drinking water since 1995!!!!
  • As you can imagine, addiction is rampant. 

Suicide is over 5 times the national average in boys aged 15-24.

But... we can do something. First, we must stop the racism against the native people. They need love, compassion, and honour. We can stand with them to help bring out their greatness once again. They deserve to have us stand in the gap for them while some of them have merely just lost their way. Many are strong! Many will be strong again. It may take generations... but I am there. I will help stand in the gap. Will you stand with them!

  • Short Term Goal: 

-To assess conditions by visiting with First Nations community. To learn about their present culture and hear their hearts and stories. 
-To bring top quality essential oils and products, at no cost, to children and families.

-To educate children and families with supporting every day health while they wait for doctors to come to their communities.
-Offer Nutrition powders and supplements, at no cost, to help start children’s day off well.
-Long Term, Plant Based, Health Education – Native health store owner from Six Nations will have meetings to inspire back to their Creator stories.
-To assess the needs of the community from them and ask where we can help.

-To bring together people who will love this community and stay long term.

  • Long term Goal:
    -To assess the need for grocery stores (presently, in the community I have visited, their grocery store is 30km away and costs over $100 for a cab. A bag of apples is $8 and a small batch of bananas is $5.  
    - Ask for Partnership with doTERRA to for matched product donations.


Please go to the below links to understand more about why they need this. 

Canada 150 First Nations - THOUSANDS

Canada 150
First Nations - THOUSANDS

  • CBC REPORT on the boil water tragedies within Northern First Nations Communities.
  • See how many of our First Nations people (especially in Ontario) are under a BOIL WATER ADVISORY (BWA). They, at one time, owned this land. We segregate them to a land, which we don’t allow them to have property ownership of, send some of them within 80% of all our toxic industries, which has toxic runoff from the plants (this doesn’t even begin to describe the air pollution). Then they are told, "Oh, sorry, we don’t have enough money to give you good water, so either you have to boil your water, or if boiling makes your water worse (this is called a do not consume - DNC), then you must drink out of plastic water bottles and oh… by the way… you have to pay for it and in some reserves it’s more than $100 for a case of water. 
  • If the above link doesn’t shock you enough, look at when the date was SET for them to have to do this.
  • THIS LINK explains more about why some of the water advisories exist.
  • CLICK HERE for Inuit Stats





These are the items we so desparately need to bring. Please donate these items or any other items on your heart to donate:

Protein Shakes

Lifelong Vitality Packs
OnGuard Oils and Products
ALL Emotional Aromatherapy oils
Kid's Powdered probiotics

Hope Oil
Omega 3's

Thank you for your contributions. 100% will go to the beautiful people who live in First Nations Communities




Dawna Toews

Health Coach, doTerra Presidential Diamond and Canadian Founder, Owner and Founder of RawMama