Want to learn more about Essential Oils and confused about all the information out there!? Well, come learn about top quality pure AND potent, raw and steam distilled essential oils from around the world.

Raw Mama invites you to go on a journey with her as she teams up with the top essential oil company in the world. Learn more from her as she empowers moms and kids to intuitively take their healthcare back into their own hands.

There are three things you need to consider when bringing powerful essential oils into your home:

1. Purity - We see this label on bottles found on Walmart shelves. Unfortunately, there is not a governing standard for essential oils. What this means is that I can sell you a bottle of cassia (a cheaper oil), yet label it as cinnamon, and charge you a higher price. Experts have even found terpentine in Frankincense bottles sold as pure.


2. Quality - Essential oils have what we call "chemical constituents" within them. These essential oils are naturally found on the plant and are used by the plant for various reasons such as protecting itself from predators, "illnesses", or disease. A plant's quality, such as lavender, is much dependent upon where it is grown. Lavender, as the example used here, has been growing in places like France and Bulgaria for thousands (or millions, depending on your persuasion) of years. Because of this, it knows it's ecosystem. It knows its soil composition, its air quality, its temperature, its seasons, and even the pests from its environment. These lavender plants have been preparing its own chemical constituents to live in and protect itself for just these reasons. What will happen to that lavender, even if you have the best quality seed (think wine), and you bring it to northern Canada to grow? What's going to happen to the chemical constituents in that plant? Well... it will absolutely change the quality and in some cases, can even mean the difference between a toxic and a non-toxic essential oil.

I liken to this to a bottle of wine. What do you think will happen to your wine if you took the beautiful seed from Italy or France, and planted that seed in your own country. What do you think is going to happen to the flavour? Well, it will change, of course. 

Did you know that you can have the exact same seed, grown on the exact same hill by the exact same person, in the exact same way, but row after row after row, a different "flavour" of wine will be created. Why? Well, because of the slope, the angle, the amount of sun, the amount of rain run off, and on it goes. 

So it is with essential oils. Essential oils are not just "an oil is an oil is an oil". They are made up of hundreds of compounds. These will all change based on where it is grown, how it is harvested, how the oil is extracted from the plant and so on. 

Potency - So, first you have Purity, then you have Quality, and finally, this brings us to the third thing you need to look for in an essential oil: Potency. You can buy cheap essential oils. This much is true. But at what cost? To the farmer? This may, at first glance, have much to do with Potency, yet you would be incorrect if you stayed on this conclusion. This is so important to talk about.

In most cases, you will have to use 5-10 drops or MORE compared to a Potent Essential oil's ONE drop. doTERRA's essential oils are potent. This is why we don't need more than one or two drops most times. When you have to use more, you are spending money unnecessarily and what's worse, because it isn't as effective, you give up on Essential Oils altogether. My passion is to teach the world that there is so much more to these pure and potent essential oils and my job is to help educate others so they don't ever give up on them like I did before I had the right education.

Finally, lets talk about Co-Impact sourcing. There are farmers around the world whose livelihood solely depends on what they receive from you and I buying these amazing essential oils they extract with the utmost respect to the plant, the process, and the Earth. If you are buying a cheap essential oil... at what cost?

Watch RawMama talk about essential oils and a yummy little recipe using peppermint essential oil:

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