What if... what if you have not been living up to your true potential? What if your past was different? What if your future looked brighter? What if.... what if you were perfect?

I believe that we all need to be more Raw and Real in this culture. I am passionate about bringing out the most optimal greatness in women all across the globe. To date, I have spoken in front of and empowered thousands of women who believe that this is it. That this is the best they've got. I believe that many of us walk around tired, scared, alone, and who feel like there's GOT to be more to life than "this." I know I did not long ago.

We need to create a new generation of women who show their kids that mom has greatness within her. I want moms to show their kids that they are more than just "mom". Being a mom is great and one of the most amazing experiences I've ever been a part of. But "mom" is merely a facet of our greatness and I want to show women how to get there.

In this site you are going to view three passions of mine:
1. Raw Food - I am not a 100% Raw Foodie. What I believe is that ALL of us need to eat more Raw Food in their lives and their children's lives. I am going to show you how to do that in a Fun and supported way!

2. Essential Oils - I am indebted to doTERRA. Because of this, I have teamed up with this company to get the word out about not just "pure" essential oils, but also quality and potency. Without all three, many (including myself) will dismiss the power they can have in our everyday lives. I endeavour to educate others on how to incorporate these precious oils to not only impact the farmers we buy our essential oils from, but also to impact tens of thousands of lives across the globe to take more of their healthcare into their own hands.

3. Empowering Women to Greatness - I believe the whole person matters. Because of this I want women, the world over, to come here to find inspiration, more love for themselves, and to find purpose... purpose for more... purpose to leave behind a legacy.

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